Will Half-Life 2 Episode 3 ever happen?

Will Half-Life 2 Episode 3 ever happen?

Series information Half-Life 2: Episode Three is a cancelled game that was planned as the final installment in the Half-Life 2 episodic trilogy.

Will there ever be a Portal 3?

Portal 3 Has Never Been Confirmed In some ways, this was a satisfying conclusion to the saga, though the universe of Portal and Half-Life is so rich it wouldn’t take much to conceive of a new story. Sadly, it seems Valve still have little interest in returning for a new game.

Why did Valve never make Half-Life 3?

[Valve doesn’t] crank Half-Life titles out because it helps us make the quarterly numbers… At this point, we can safely say that Half-Life 3 didn’t happen due to the development of the Source 2 engine, other time constraints, and because Valve never really found an idea they were happy with during that time.

Is there going to be Half Life 2 Episode 3?

Half-Life 2: Episode Three is the third of a series of stand-alone episodes based on HL2, the popular and acclaimed shooter epic. Franchises : Half-Life Genres : Shooter

Who is the designer of Half Life 2?

Ahead of the release of Half-Life: Alyx, I spoke with level designer Dario Casali – a Valve veteran who has been with the studio since 1996 – about Half-Life 2, its development, and its influence on Valve’s new VR prequel.

Is it possible to make a half life game?

By the end of Episode Two, Valve was already looking towards its next engine, and had already learned the hard lesson not to develop both a Half-Life game and its engine from the ground up at the same time.

Why did valve not make Half Life 2 Episode 2?

Episode Two actually took two years to make – Valve started work on it at the same time as Episode One. The plan for smaller, faster releases didn’t line up with the studio’s ambition for the project, and the scope of Episode Two increased past its original concept.