Why does the upper part of my thigh hurt?

Why does the upper part of my thigh hurt?

There are a significant number of muscles in the upper thigh, so pain in that region is often due to a muscle sprain or strain. This can impact the tendons and ligaments in the thigh. A sprain is an overstretched or torn ligament, and the ligament functions to connect the bone with another bone.

What can cause groin pain in a female?

10 more causes of right side groin pain for women

  • Enlarged lymph nodes.
  • Femoral hernia.
  • Hip fracture.
  • Inguinal hernia.
  • Kidney stones.
  • Osteitis pubis.
  • Ovarian cyst.
  • Pinched nerve.

What causes severe pain in the upper thigh?

Severe leg pain located around the thigh can be caused by trauma from a femoral break or muscle strain. A deep, shooting pain in the upper leg can also be caused by deep vein thrombosis, spinal stenosis, or a thigh bone infection.

What happens when your thigh hurts?

If your thigh hurts after kicking a ball, you may be suffering from a strained groin muscle or a quadriceps strain. A groin strain is felt in the inner thigh, while a quadriceps strain will be felt in the front of the thigh. A proper warmup and cool-down can help prevent thigh injuries related to soccer and other sports.

What causes sore upper thighs?

Upper thigh pain can occur in the muscles, tendons, joints and even bones in the pelvis region. It is often caused by repetitive stress movements during sports or rigorous activities, but it can also be caused by aging or certain diseases.

Why does my thigh burn when walking?

Burning pain in the thigh increases while walking or standing for a long time. Burning pain in back of the thigh is caused due to sciatica. Sciatic nerve runs from your buttock and on the backside of your thigh and the lower leg. The pain is popularly known as sciatica.