Why do we say yes ma am?

Why do we say yes ma am?

What does yes ma’am mean? Yes ma’am is a polite way of affirming something an older or superior woman has said, often used to show sass or excitement in response to something more generally.

Do people still say yes ma am?

Manners help teach tolerance, empathy and appropriate boundaries. Instilling them early, experts say, gives children a ‘superpower.

What can I say instead of Yes ma am?

‘, ‘Mrs. ‘, ‘Ms. ‘, or ‘Miss’. ‘Miss’ is often used in a similar way to ‘Ma’am’ despite doubling as an honorific, and ‘Mister’ is often used in a way similar to ‘Sir’ even though ‘Ma’am’ and ‘Sir’ are not honorifics.

Why do Southerners say sir and ma am?

Using ma’am and sir are deemed traditionally Southern in the United States but may originally stem from 18th century England. It is an extension of formal politeness and a sign of good manners.

Where does Yes sir, Yes ma’am come from?

Yes, Ma’am-Etymology. One of the earliest findings of ma’am is from the 1600s, a few hundred years after sir. It was a shortened form of madam. Madam was a polite way to address a married woman. Like sir, it shows up before ma’am, sometime during the 1300s.

Do you use yes sir, Yes ma’am etiquette?

If you think these are important behaviors for you and your child to know and practice, then using ‘sir’ and ‘ma’am’ should also be included. There are many benefits from etiquette. It helps you feel comfortable in unknown situations. When you know the rules, you are able to walk into any room and fit in…like you know what to do.

How many people have no sir no Madam?

No Sir No Madam has connected with over 2.5 million people on WhatsApp. In addition to English and Hindi, these educating videos are made in regional languages such as Punjabi, Gujarati, Telugu, and Malayalam. The goal is to expand the initiative to all of India with content in every Indian language.

Is there initiative in India to do away with Yes sir Yes Madam?

An Initiative That Urges Indians to Do Away with the ‘Yes Sir, Yes Madam’ Culture at Workplaces. The initiative No Sir No Madam aims to eradicate obsolete mannerisms, like calling superiors sir or madam, and encourage people to create a healthier work environment based on mutual respect. Post author: Aditi Patwardhan; Post published: May 12, 2017