Who was the president of Costa Rica in 1948?

Who was the president of Costa Rica in 1948?

Presidents of Costa Rica (1848–present)

No. President (Birth–Death) Term of Office
(31b) José Figueres Ferrer (1906–1990) 8 May 1948
31 Otilio Ulate Blanco (1891–1973) 8 November 1949
32 José Figueres Ferrer (1906–1990) 8 November 1953
33 Mario Echandi Jiménez (1915–2011) 8 May 1958

Who was the ruler of Costa Rica?

President of Costa Rica

President of the Republic of Costa Rica Presidente de la República de Costa Rica
Incumbent Carlos Alvarado Quesada since 8 May 2018
Style Excelentísimo Señor
Residence Casa Presidencial, Costa Rica
Term length Four years, not eligible for immediate re-election

How much does the president of Costa Rica make?

Member states and observers of the United Nations, Hong Kong, and Taiwan

State Head of state (USD) Head of government salary divided by GDP [1 per million]
Congo, Democratic Republic of the 51,500 USD (President)
Republic of Congo 108,400 USD (President)
Costa Rica 113,520 USD (President) 1.9554
Croatia 44,375 USD (President)

How did Carlos Alvarado Quesada become president?

President of Costa Rica Alvarado Quesada won in a landslide, defying polls that predicted a close election. He was sworn into office on May 8, 2018. On 24 February 2019, he launched a plan to fully decarbonize the country’s economy, in a ceremony alongside Christiana Figueres, the Costa Rican former UNFCCC head.