Who is the main character in Mass Effect?

Who is the main character in Mass Effect?

Commander Shepard is the main protagonist of the first three Mass Effect games. The character’s first name, gender, background, and appearance are determined by the player on starting a new game, with both Mass Effect 2 and Mass Effect 3 allowing the player to import saves from previous games to carry over that version of Shepard.

Who are the characters in Mass Effect Andromeda?

The crew of The Tempest led by Pathfinder Ryder in Mass Effect: Andromeda. Back row, from left to right: Vetra, Gil, Jaal. Middle row: Suvi, Drack, Ryder (default male appearance), Lexi, Liam.

Who is Garrus in Mass Effect 3 issue?

In Mass Effect 3 he leads a “Reapers task force” for the Turians. The character is also the star of the third issue of Mass Effect: Homeworlds . Garrus’s blue-and-black armour colour scheme was kept consistent throughout the series, as was his visor, although grey was added in the third game to reflect his new rank.

Is the challyrion a threat in Mass Effect?

The challyrion is likely to consider you a threat. It may be curious how you taste. The malfunctioning Remnant vault appears to have modified a rylkor to be more territorial and adaptable. It has been observed defending its feeding grounds at the navpoint uploaded to you. Scans of the rylkor may reveal the nature of its mutations.

How can I change my character’s name in Mass Effect?

By selecting either the ‘Custom Male’ or ‘Custom Female’ option you are able to customize your character to its full extent. You can change the character’s first name, Pre-service History, Psychological Profile, Military Specialization and Appearance.

How many face codes are in Mass Effect Legendary Edition?

Face Codes in Mass Edition Legendary Edition Face Codes in Mass Effect™ Legendary Edition are a 36 character long code including letters and numerals.

Are there any English names in Mass Effect?

While there are far more planets and colonies inhabited by Humans now, and thus new cultural influences, many names of the NPC’s in game are still normal English names or of any other language we known on Earth today.