Who is Mike Shinoda in Linkin Park?

Who is Mike Shinoda in Linkin Park?

Mike Shinoda is the rare musician who has had one foot in the music business the whole time. The other has been on the guitar pedal: Since 1996, Shinoda has recorded and performed as the lead vocalist and instrumentalist of rock band Linkin Park, which he co-founded.

Did Shinoda leave Linkin Park?

Mike Shinoda has stepped out on his own. The Linkin Park co-founder is readying the final leg of his tour for “Post Traumatic,” the solo album he released last year in the aftermath of friend and bandmate Chester Bennington’s suicide in July 2017.

How did Mike Shinoda meet Chester?

1695 we spoke to bandmate, Mike Shinoda, who kindly shared his personal recollections and memories of the frontman. I’d just started the band with a high school friend, Mark, but being a lead singer just wasn’t in his DNA so we went looking for one. When we scheduled a few guys to try out, Chester walked in.

Why is Shinoda Fort Minor?

In 2004, Shinoda formed a side project called Fort Minor, which he used as an avenue to further showcase his hip-hop background. He explained the origin of the project’s name in an interview stating, ‘Fort’ represents the more aggressive side of the music.

Why does Brad Delson always wear headphones?

Delson typically performs while wearing a pair of Shure brand headphones, in order to protect his hearing.

What happened to Fort Minor?

Also in November, Shinoda stated that Fort Minor was currently on hiatus, because of his dedication to Linkin Park. In an LPU Chat in early 2012, Mike Shinoda said there is a possibility for a new Fort Minor album after Linkin Park’s sixth studio album, which was planned for release in 2014.

Did Mike Shinoda make a song for Chester?

Linkin Park’s Mike Shinoda has unveiled a new song in honour of Chester Bennington, titled ‘Looking For An Answer’. During yesterday’s Linkin Park memorial concert at the Hollywood Bowl, Shinoda sat down and told the crowd he had something new in honour of his bandmate.

Who is in Fort Minor?

Mike Shinoda
Fort Minor/Members

Does Brad Delson have children?

He has been married to Elisa Delson since September 16, 2003. They have three children.

Is Fort Minor still active?

Fort Minor was the American hip hop side project of Mike Shinoda, who is better known as the rhythm guitarist, keyboardist, producer, and rapper of the American rock band Linkin Park….

Fort Minor
Years active 2004–2006 2015
Labels Machine Shop Warner Bros.