Who is Hetty to Callen?

Who is Hetty to Callen?

In the third-season episode number 4 “Deadline”, Hetty Lange reveals to Callen that his grandfather was named George Callen and that he parachuted into Romania during the War, and at the end took part in hunting those guilty of war crimes, he subsequently found and killed several members of the Comescu family.

Did Callen live with Hetty?

No one in the many foster homes he had grown up in knew what it meant, so he had lived his whole life without a first name. Hetty had been protecting Callen from the Comescus his whole life because they were looking for him and wanted to kill him as part of the continuation of the feud.

Does Callen have a girlfriend?

Anastasia “Anna” Kolcheck is the daughter of Arkady Kolcheck and the girlfriend of G. Callen.

Who is Callen married to?

Navy CIS: L.A.: These are the cast’s real-life partners Chris O’Donnell, who plays Special Agent “G. Callen”, has been married to Caroline Fentress since 1997 and their five children are the apple of his eye.

How did Sam Hanna choose G Callen as his slave?

Lot’s of juicy backstory about how Sam came to choose G Callen as his slave and life mate. A major change in present day relationship comes about for their Master/slave relationship. WARNING: CHANGE IN STORY TO MORE DETAILS OF RAPE AND TORTURE. This story contains past rapes and torture G Callen experienced prior to becoming an NCIS agent.

Where does G Callen go on rescue mission?

Callen goes to Atlantis for a rescue mission and has an intense experience with the city. Sec Def Hanna fulfils a fantasy for Sec Nav Callen. Daddy Sam has something special planned for baby G’s birthday. G puts on a show for his Master’s birthday. Sam “punishes” his partner for calling him a boy.

What happens in G Callen and Marty Deeks?

Deeks, Callen and Clara have their first family day out together to put some demons behind them. Callen’s past returns to haunt him, but surprisingly, it’s Deeks who comes to talk him through it. A Reznikov, N. coda.

Is the TV show G Callen based on a true story?

Callen wants to take care of his Mate after he is injured. Sam has something else in mind. This story is based on real cases. A well known star, Johny Hawel, is actually the son of a big drug dealer, which owns a large scale of industry chain including drug dealing and surrogacy.