Who gets the Tony for Best Musical?

Who gets the Tony for Best Musical?

The Tony Award for Best Musical is given annually to the best new Broadway musical, as determined by Tony Award voters. The award is one of the ceremony’s longest-standing awards, having been presented each year since 1949. The award goes to the producers of the winning musical.

What two Tony Awards did Newsies win 2012?

Newsies did win for choreography and for Alan Menken and Jack Feldman’s score but had been tipped to do rather better in the final tally than was in fact the case.

Which is the Best Musical at the Tony Awards?

Best Musical is the final award presented at the Tony Awards ceremony. Excerpts from the musicals that are nominated for this award are usually performed during the ceremony before this award is presented. This is a list of winners and nominations for the Tony Award for Best Musical. Oh, Captain! Fiorello! Carnival! Oliver! Hello, Dolly!

Which is the longest running Tony Award winner?

Records. The Phantom of the Opera is the longest-running Best Musical winner, with 16 previews and 12,630 performances as of 12 June 2018. Hallelujah, Baby! is the only show thus far to have won the Tony Award for Best Musical after closing. Fun Home is the first musical written entirely by a team of women to win the Tony Award for Best Musical.

Which is the most nominated Broadway musical of all time?

Hamilton is the most-nominated production in Tony history, with 16 nominations. The Sound of Music and Fiorello! are the only two musicals to date to have ever tied for the Best Musical award (in 1960). Passion is the shortest-running winner, with 280 performances.

Who was the first woman to win a Tony Award?

Rent (by Jonathan Larson) and Hamilton (by Lin-Manuel Miranda) also achieved this feat. Hadestown is the first musical entirely written by one woman, Anaïs Mitchell, to win this award. The 74th Tony Awards (2020) is the first ceremony in which only jukebox musicals were nominated.