Which Italian Traveller visited Vijayanagar?

Which Italian Traveller visited Vijayanagar?

Nicolo Conti
Nicolo Conti, an Italian, was at Vijayanagara in about 1420, just after the accession of Devaraya I. The first known foreign traveller, he mentions the fortifications of the city and the thousands of men employed in the army of the rulers.

Who visited Vijayanagara in 1420?

An Italian traveller Nicolo Conti visited Vijayanagar Empire in 1420.

Who was an Italian Traveller?

Niccolò de’ Conti (c. 1395–1469) was an Italian merchant, explorer, and writer. Born in Chioggia, who traveled to India and Southeast Asia, and possibly to Southern China, during the early 15th century.

Which of the following Travellers visited Vijayanagara?

List of Foreign Travellers visited Vijayanagar Kingdom

Name of Travellers Place they came from
Abu Abdullah/lbn Batuta Morocco
Nicolo de Conti Italy
Abdur Razzaq Persia
Athanasius Nikitin Russia

Which is Italian traveller visited the Vijayanagar Empire?

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When did Nicolo de Conti visit Vijaynagar?

Nicolo de Conti, the Italian traveller visited Vijaynagar empire during the time of _______. Nicolo de Conti was a Venetian merchant who traveled in the east from 1414 until 1438. He visited the Vijaynagar Kingdom during the time of Dev Raya II and left an account in the Travels of Nicolo Conti.

Who are some famous people who visited Vijayanagar?

Abdur Razzaq Source: He was a Persian, Timurid chronicler and a scholar who visited the Vijaynagar Kingdom at the time of Dev Raya IIas an ambassador of Shah Rukh, the Timurid dynasty ruler of Persia. He gives an account of the reign of Devaraya II in his Matlaas Sadain Wa Majma ul Bahrain. 4. Athanasius Nikitin

What was the history of the city of Vijayanagar?

He gave detailed account on the history of Vijaynagar especially the foundation of the city, the subsequent careers of three dynasties of rulers, and the battles that they fought with the Deccan sultans and Orissan Rayas.