Where is Kevin LeVar from?

Where is Kevin LeVar from?

Washington, D.C., United States
Kevin LeVar/Place of birth

Who is the best Nigeria Gospel Singer 2020?

Top 10 gospel artists in Nigeria

  • Nathaniel Bassey.
  • Mercy Chinwo.
  • Tope Alabi. Image:, @topealabi.
  • Tim Godfery. Image:, @timgodfrey.
  • Ada Ehi. Image:, @adaehi.
  • Nikki Laoye. Image:, @nikkilaoye.
  • Eben. Image:, @eben.
  • Samsong. Image:, @samsong.

Who is the best gospel singer of all time?

Mahalia Jackson, known as “The World’s Greatest Gospel Singer,” she was a civil rights activist, Gospel’s first international million-selling artist s (during the era of 45’s) and one of the most gifted contraltos to ever sing a note of praise.

Who is the best African gospel singer?

Africa Gospel Praise Artist of the Year

  • Nathaniel Bassey (Nigeria)
  • Frank Edwards (Nigeria)
  • Tim Godfrey (Nigeria)
  • Koda (Ghana)
  • Chioma Jesus (Nigeria)
  • Patience Nyarko (Ghana)
  • Spirit of Praise (South Africa)
  • Eben (Nigeria)

What kind of music does Kevin LeVar make?

Within the music industry, Kevin founded independent gospel label God Glorified Music, Inc. (recently renamed One Sound Entertainment) and partnered with Universal Music Christian Group for the national release of Kevin’s debut project “Let’s Come Together.” This album experienced much commercial success.

How old was Kevin Spencer when he started singing?

Kevin Spencer is a southern gospel singer who started singing with his family The Spencers when he was 3 years old. After starting his own group in 1992, Kevin Spencer and Friends, he now is enjoyed by his fans as a soloist.

How old is the singer Kevin LeVar Gray?

Kevin LeVar Gray (born February 1977) is a gifted songwriter, recording artist, musician, author, and speaker.

What kind of music does Kevin Williams play?

His guitar playing can be found on countless recording sessions and is ever-busy with recording, producing, as well as being an in-demand performer and speaker.