Where is Kagera Sugar located?

Where is Kagera Sugar located?

Kagera Sugar F.C./Locations

Who owns Kagera Sugar?

Kagera Sugar board chairman Seif Ali Seif revealed this plan when briefing Tanzania Investment Center (TIC) Executive Director Geoffrey Mwambe, who visited the factory over the weekend.

How many sugar factories are there in Tanzania?

four sugar estates
Currently, there are four sugar estates in Tanzania (Kilombero, TPC, Mtibwa and Kagera) with a total of 31,000 hectares under plantation management (see Figures 1 and 2). Combined production reaches about 2.1 million tonnes, with an average yield of approximately 68 tonnes/hectare.

Where is sugarcane grown in Tanzania?

Sugarcane is one of the important food and commercial crops of Tanzania. Its production is concentrated mainly in three regions, Morogoro, Kagera and Kilimanjaro. Most of the sugar produced in the country is for home consumption and only a small proportion is exported to service foreign debts.

Where is the post office for Kagera Sugar?

Kagera Sugar Ltd. Address: Bukoba, Kagera, Tanzania. City of Tanzania. Post Office box: 815, Kagera, Tanzania. Phone number: 028 222 0219,, Fax: 028 222 0709.

How big is the sugar factory in Kakira?

The sugar factory has been expanded steadily and is currently operating at a crushing capacity of 6,000 Tons Cane per Day [“TCD\\ during a 10.5 month crushing season. A confectionery factory within the complex also produces a variety of sweets and toffees and other confectionery items.

Where are the sugar factories in the world?

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Where is the Chocolate Lounge at Sugar Factory?

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