Where did theaster Gates go to college?

Where did theaster Gates go to college?

University of Cape Town1998
Iowa State UniversityLane Tech College Prep High SchoolInternational Studio & Curatorial Program
Theaster Gates/Education

Gates grew up in a working-class family on Chicago’s West Side. After earning (1996) a B.S. degree in urban planning at Iowa State University, he studied (1998) African religions at the University of Cape Town and then took up (1999) a residency with ceramics masters in Tokoname, Japan.

What is theaster gates artist statement?

Theaster Gates shares what he sees are the possibilities for artists to go beyond the making of objects, to actively contribute to and better their communities.

How did theaster gates help revive a poor Chicago neighborhood?

Gates bought the dilapidated neo-Classical building, formerly the Stony Island Trust & Savings Bank, from the city for $1 in 2013. It had several feet of standing water in the basement. Undeterred, Gates sold “bank bonds” of salvaged marble for $5,000 each to fund the renovation.

Why did theaster gates begin the Dorchester projects?

Gates began the project when he bought neighbouring two-story vacant houses and commenced a design project to reinstate and resurrect the home as a site of community interaction and uplift. The project was so successful that it led to the development of a third building across the street.

Where does Theaster Gates work as an artist?

Gates is a professor at the University of Chicago and director of artist initiatives at the Lunder Institute for American Art at Colby College in Waterville, Maine. He was artist-in-residence at the Getty Research Institute, Los Angeles, in 2018–19.

What did Theaster Gates do in New York?

As a prelude to his first-ever solo exhibition in New York, Theaster Gates discusses his prescient work with the photographic archive of Chicago’s Johnson Publishing Company and his formation of Black Image Corporation as a conceptual project.

Where did Theaster Gates go to college at?

Gates first began to work with clay at Iowa State University, Ames, where he received a BS in 1996. After graduating, he studied pottery in Tokoname, Japan, before receiving an MA in fine arts and religious studies from the University of Cape Town in 1998 and an MA in urban planning from Iowa State in 2006.

When is Theaster Gates exhibition at the Gagosian?

Join Theaster Gates in his studio as he prepares for an upcoming exhibition at Gagosian, New York. In this video, shot on location in Chicago during the tumultuous weeks of protest in late spring 2020, Gates reflects on the metaphorical power of materials and process, and on the redemptive potential of art.