Where did Joao Cancelo come from?

Where did Joao Cancelo come from?

Barreiro, Portugal
João Cancelo/Place of birth

Is Joao Cancelo on loan?

Cancelo was on loan to Serie A team Inter Milan during the 2017–18 season, in which he was included in Serie A’s Team of the Year….International.

National team Portugal
Year 2019
Apps 4
Goals 0

What clubs has cancelo played for?

Manchester City F.C.#27 / Defender
Portugal national football team#20 / Defender
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How old is cancelo?

27 years (May 27, 1994)
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What kind of soccer player is Joao Cancelo?

Regarded as a promising player in the media, Cancelo is mainly known for his speed, energy and offensive capabilties, as well as his technical skills, creativity and crossing ability. He is capable of playing as a full-back or winger on either flank, although he usually plays on the right.

When did Joao Cancelo sign for Manchester City?

In 2019, he was signed by English club Manchester City, in a transfer worth an initial €30 million (£27.4 million). Cancelo made his senior debut for Portugal in 2016 after previously being capped by the nations’s all youth team levels, winning 75 caps and scoring three goals overall.

How much did Joao Cancelo get for Juventus?

Cancelo’s performances sparked the interest of Italian rivals Juventus, who signed him in 2018 for a reported fee of €40.4 million. During his stint with Bianconeri, Cancelo won the league and the Supercoppa Italiana in his first and only season.

When did Cancelo sign his contract with Valencia?

Cancelo’s performances helped Valencia reach Champions League, leading on 25 May, Cancelo agreeing to a permanent contract with the Spanish club until 30 June 2021, for a transfer fee of €15 million.