Where can I find used surfboards?

Where can I find used surfboards?

Used boards can be found down at your local surf shop, on craigslist, or at your neighbors garage sale – and following these simple steps will save you a headache in the long run. There’s an art (and science) to buying used surfboards and we have the guide to help you out.

Whats a good price for a used surfboard?

For a relatively well-used shortboard, prices are generally between $150 and $350, and for a used longboard, you’d be looking at $300 to $600. That said, if the boards are in perfect condition, or made by big name shapers, tack an extra hundred or two onto that.

What size surfboard is best for a beginner?

A good rule of thumb is to opt for a 7’0″ beginner’s board if you weigh under 70 kilograms, a 7’6″ if you weigh 70-90kg, and an 8’0″ if you weigh over 90kg, says Harry Mann. The volume of foam in the board is measured in litres. When you’re starting out, the more foam the better.

How do you size a surfboard?

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Surfer Weight (lbs.) Surfer Weight (kg) Surfboard Width
140-160 63.5-72.6 18¾″-19¼″
160-180 72.6-81.6 19″-19¾″
180-200 81.6-90.7 19½″-20½″
200 + 90.7 + 20″-21½″

Where can I buy a used surfboard?

Used Surfboards galore at The Surf Station II aka The Deuce. We have one of the largest selection of Used Surfboards anywhere. We exclusively carry boards that have been ridden by some of your favorite pro surfers. We ship worldwide! Check out our star rating scale the the condition and more specifics on a board.

What kind of condition is a used surfboard?

Used Surfboard: Excellent Condition. Who = Who should be riding this model When = When should this model be ridden What = What this model is about Who – Intermediate to advanced skill surfers will be right at home on this model. Beginners may be able to ride a drastically…

How big is a Stewart 2 + 1 surfboard?

Please use the drop down menu below to fine tune your search results for a 2 + 1 or Single Fin setup. Details: Brand: Stewart Model: CMP Length: 9’0″ Width: 22 1/4″ Thickness: 2 3/4″ Volume: N/A Fins: Single + Futures (Fins Included) Construction: Poly Shipping Cost: $205 Description: The deck has the usual amount of light depth…

What kind of wave catcher is a longboard?

Great performance in thigh-high to slightly over head-high waves, this board is a tremendous wave catcher. A low…