What song does the Doctor sing in Voyager?

What song does the Doctor sing in Voyager?

“Rondine al nido” (“Swallow’s Nest”), voice over by tenor Agostino Castagnola as The Doctor (EMH) portrayed by Robert Picardo. “That Old Black Magic”, Played at first by Ensign Harry Kim and then after a chanting request from the audience, it is also sung by the Doctor.

Does the Doctor really sing in Voyager?

His singing has also been incorporated into his role in Star Trek: Voyager. After earning his degree, he enrolled at the Circle in the Square Professional Theater Workshop.

Who sings for the Doctor on Voyager?

Actually, contrary to popular belief, before and during his days of fame as a member of N’Sync, Justin Timberlake provided the singing voice for The Doctor’s singing scenes in Star Trek: Voyager.

Did Picardo sing in virtuoso?

Robert Picardo did all his own singing except for on “Rondine al nido,” which was dubbed by Agostino Castagnola.

Who is the doctor in Star Trek Voyager?

The Doctor (Robert Picardo) daydreams about singing an opera piece for his fellow shipmates. During the concert, Tuvok breaks down emotionally due to the pon farr, and The Doctor improvises to put him back under control. From the Star Trek: Voyager episode “Tinker, Tenor, Doctor, Spy.” Loading…

What did the doctor do to Tuvok in Tinker Tenor?

Janeway hails for a security team while crewmembers try to restrain Tuvok. Their efforts fail as he throws them away from him and swipes a phaser pistol away in the process. Then The Doctor, in a voice of calm control, informs everyone of the problem, Tuvok has gone into pon farr.

How many times did Tuvok serve in Starfleet?

Tuvok was a Vulcan male who served in Starfleet twice during the late 23rd century, and again in the mid- 24th century, where he served under two legendary captains.

What was Tuvok’s security override code in Star Trek?

Tuvok’s security override code was Tuvok-pi-alpha. ( VOY: ” Repression “) Lieutenant Tuvok was serving as Captain Kathryn Janeway ‘s security officer when, in 2371, he was ordered to infiltrate the crew of the Maquis raider Val Jean commanded by a former Starfleet officer, Chakotay.