What season is Merry Christmas Drake and Josh?

What season is Merry Christmas Drake and Josh?

Season 5

Merry Christmas, Drake & Josh
Season 5, Episode 1 (Movie)
Air date December 5, 2008
Written by Dan Schneider Steven Molaro
Directed by Michael Grossman

What channel is Merry Christmas Drake and Josh?

Nickelodeon Original Movies

Merry Christmas, Drake & Josh
Distributor Nickelodeon Original Movies
Original network Nickelodeon
Original release December 5, 2008

When did Merry Christmas Drake and Josh come out?

The film premiered on December 5, 2008, as a Nickelodeon Original Movie. It was the third most viewed TV movie on cable behind High School Musical 2 and Wizards of Waverly Place: The Movie, both owned by Disney Channel . Shortly before Christmas, Walter and Audrey decide to leave home for a tropical vacation.

What did Drake and Josh do after the show?

Bell still works in the TV, film, and music industries. Drake Bell is a musician. Following the end of “Drake and Josh” in 2007, Bell appeared in movies such as “Superhero Movie” (2008), “College” (2008), and “Rags” (2012).

Who are the main characters in Merry Christmas Drake and Josh?

With their parents away on a tropical vacation, stepbrothers Drake Parker ( Drake Bell) and Josh Nichols ( Josh Peck) are left to fend for themselves for the holidays. Ever the traditionalist, Josh’s plans include baking cookies and singing carols, but a mishap at Drake’s rooftop holiday party lands him in the slammer instead.

What did Drake and Josh sing in the Christmas Parade?

Drake and Josh eventually decide to take Mary Alice’s family caroling; however, nobody in their neighborhood listens to them. The group decides to put on a concert, performing a rock rendition of 12 Days of Christmas, which the entire family, even Luke, loves so much they decide to perform it in the Christmas parade.