What port does Foscam use?

What port does Foscam use?

On HD Foscam Camera’s the default HTTP port number is 88.

How do I port forward my Foscam IP camera?

1)Go to Advanced Settings–>Port Forwarding page to add a Custom Service: 2)Then please input the camera’s http port (1818) to the “External Port Range” box and “Internal Port Range” box, then input the camera’s IP address (192.168. 1.4) to the “Internal IP address”.

How do I change my Foscam port?

How to change the P2P port of Foscam cameras?

  1. Step1: Login the camera from Foscam VMS or web browser.
  2. Step2: Go to Settings–>Network–>P2P to change the P2P Port to any number between 10000 to 65535 and save it.
  3. On Web browser:

How do I port forward my IP camera?

Login to your camera’s admin interface and go to the network settings area. Confirm what port has been assigned to your camera. Often it will be port 554, 80 or 88 but could be anything. Now login to your router and look for a menu called ‘port forwarding’ (sometimes it will be under an “Application and Gaming” menu).

How to use port forwarding in Foscam Canada?

1 Step 1: Open your web browser and enter router’s IP address ( by default) in the address bar. Enter username… 2 Step 2: Click Security > Applications. Select the camera on your network where you want to use port forwarding in the PC… More

Which is SIP address do I need for Foscam?

For ‘Select a computer’ choose the FoscamCamera’sIP address to forward the ports to. Repeat this step for each entry you need to add. To view the camera over the internet enter you router external IP address which can be found by typing into your browser. is what should be typed into you browser.

What are the features of the Foscam fi9900p?

The FI9900P distinguishes itself with High Definition 1080P display resolution for crystal-clear video and images. It also comes equipped with external RCA jacks for two-way audio. This camera comes with 30 high powered IR LEDs to provide you with night vision with a range of up to 65ft!

How do I add Foscam to my firewall?

Open your web browser. Enter. Once logged into your router click on the “Firewall” tab on the top right. Click on “Firewall Settings”. Once the page is loaded click on ‘Add a new user-defined application’.