What part of the brain is the external capsule?

What part of the brain is the external capsule?

The external capsule is a series of white matter tracts in the brain situated between the putamen and claustrum. It is composed of claustrocortical fibers dorsally and the combined mass of the uncinate fasciculus and inferior frontal occipital fasciculus ventrally.

What is the function of external capsule?

The external capsule is therefore a layer of white matter fibers in the central nervous system. It consists primarily of lipid and fatty tissues. It serves as a route for cholinergic fibers (from basal forebrain) to the cerebral cortex. It also joins the internal capsule around the lentiform nucleus.

Where is the claustrum located in the brain?

The claustrum is a telencephalic and subcortical structure found in all mammalian brains. In the human brain, it is located deep inside the insula and superficial to the basal ganglia.

What does the claustrum consist of?

The claustrum (Latin, meaning “to close” or “to shut”) is a thin, bilateral collection of neurons and supporting glial cells, that connects to cortical (e.g., the pre-frontal cortex) and subcortical regions (e.g., the thalamus) of the brain.

How is the extreme capsule separated from the claustrum?

It is also described as a thin capsule of white matter as association fibres. The extreme capsule is separated from the external capsule by the claustrum, and the extreme capsule separates the claustrum from the insular cortex, and all these lie lateral to the corpus striatum components.

Where is the external capsule located in the brain?

Deep dissection of cortex and brain-stem. (External capsule visible at center.) The external capsule is a series of white matter fiber tracts in the brain. These fibers run between the most lateral (toward the side of the head) segment of the lentiform nucleus and the claustrum .

Where are the claustrocortical fibers of the extreme capsule?

Ventrally, the claustrum is deficient, and thus the boundary between the extreme capsule and external capsule is poorly defined. The claustrocortical fibers of the dorsal extreme capsule appear to emanate radially from the periphery of the dorsal claustrum.

Is the temporo frontal extreme capsule part of the brain?

The temporo-frontal extreme capsule fasciculus projected onto the human average MRI brain. Although we reported these findings in 1988, they did not have a major impact on neuroana-tomical investigations of language for two reasons.