What kind of TV series is Rishtey from?

What kind of TV series is Rishtey from?

Rishtey (TV series) Rishtey is a television series that aired on Zee TV channel, featuring small stories of human relationships.

Who is the governess in the TV series Rishtey?

Shekhar has left the custody of his three children to their governess, Ms. Komal, who is a very stern lady and an absolute disciplinarian. Their neighbour, Rohini (Rohini Hattangadi) tries to befriend the children but is turned away by both Shekhar and Ms. Komal.

Who is Thakur in the TV series Rishtey?

Thakur ( Lalit Parimoo ), despite being a married man, is a womaniser and showers his affection on Meenabai, a courtesan and his lover. His wife tries everything to lure her man but of no avail. Karan Singh, the younger brother of Thakur s friend gets employed in the mansion as a helper.

Who is Shraddha in the TV series Rishtey?

When Aditya (Raju Kher) declares to his young children that he wants to remarry, they are furious. However, despite their resistance, he goes ahead and marries Shraddha (Mandira Bedi). Shraddha is confident about winning over the children’s hearts sooner or later, so she puts up with their tantrums.

What kind of TV show is Tori Anderson in?

She is an actress, known for Killjoys (2015), Tru Calling (2003) and No Tomorrow (2016). See full bio » 1 nomination. See more awards » Show by… Job Year » Rating » Number of Ratings » Genre » Keyword » – Indiscretion (2019) Sasha Levant – The Big Reveal (2019) Blake Crawford – Hella Duplicitous (2018) Blake Crawford

Who is Aman in the TV series Rishtey?

Aman (Rohit Roy) is an artist by profession. One day, while painting, Nidhi (Achint Kaur) catches his eye and he makes many sketches of her. Nidhi is in the process of getting her divorce, and finds a good friend in Aman. After getting a divorce, Nidhi leaves for the US.

Who is Hansa in the TV series Rishtey?

Hansa (Sushma Prakash) has been married to Gautam (Denzil Smith) for seven years, and has a son Rahul. Gautam has given her everything, yet she finds something amiss in life. In a chance encounter, she meets Adi (Arjun Raina) and is attracted to him.