What is the most popular Canada Goose parka?

What is the most popular Canada Goose parka?

Expedition Parka
Our Top Pick: Expedition Parka Canada Goose created the Expedition Parka for scientists undertaking winter research at the North Pole. This ultra-warm parka is padded with 625-fill power White Duck Down. A rugged Arctic Tech shell fabric woven to block wind and heavy snowfall offers unrivalled weather protection.

What is a cheaper version of Canada Goose?

Another wallet-friendly affordable Canada Goose alternative is the L.L. Bean UltraWarm Jacket. At only $189 it’s nearly 80% cheaper than most Canada Goose coats. It features 650 fill power down, a relaxed fit, and comes in 3 colors. It’s also available in regular, petite, and plus sizes up to 3X.

Can Canada Goose be unisex?

Just as compelling as its earth-friendly specs is the idea that this style can be worn by anyone. Genderless in concept and detailing, it has a classic roomy fit that falls to about mid-thigh. Canada Goose’s The Standard Expedition Parka is available now for $1,850.

Are there any Canada goose parkas for men?

For those who don’t require that extreme level of protection from winter, Canada Goose parkas for men like the Macculloch Parka is a versatile winter jacket for men. Pair any of our Canada Goose winter jackets for men with layers of lightweight down or knitwear for an adaptable system that will see you through many seasons.

Which is the best Canada goose jacket for men?

The best Canada Goose parka for that scenario is a men’s winter jacket like the Expedition Parka or the Resolute Parka, known as the “industrial parka” because it is the insulated jacket of choice for explorers, researchers and workers at both Poles.

What kind of jacket to wear with a parka?

Embrace life in the open in parkas, lightweight jackets, knitwear and more. Embrace life in the open in parkas, lightweight jackets, knitwear and more.

When did Canada goose start making outerwear?

Originally launched in 1956 as “Metro Sportswear Ltd.,” the Toronto-based company has been all about making high performance outerwear for over half a century— and boosts a roster of customers known for braving the harshest of climates, from scientists researching in Antartica, to high altitude mountain climbers, to Arctic dog sledders.