What is the meaning of thousand pounds?

What is the meaning of thousand pounds?

3 often pl a very large but unspecified number, amount, or quantity. they are thousands of miles away.

What is another word for 1000 pounds?

A Grand. A grand is 1000 pounds. This is a much larger amount of money and not an amount you would ever really lend to anyone. As with the term quid it can be used to describe any number of 1000s so 6000 pounds would be 6 grand.

What do you mean by 1 pound?

(written abbreviation lb) a unit for measuring weight: One pound is approximately equal to 454 grams. One kilogram is roughly the same as 2.2 lbs. There are 16 ounces in one pound.

Why is a fiver called a Jacks?

handful = five pounds (£5), 20th century, derived simply by association to the five digits on a hand. jacks = five pounds, from cockney rhyming slang: jack’s alive = five. Not used in the singular for in this sense, for example a five pound note would be called a ‘jacks’.

When to use hundred, thousand, million, or million?

“Hundred”, “thousand”, “million”, etc., when they are used in the names of numbers (i.e. when they are preceded with a number) are always in the singular and usually not followed by “of”, for example. correct There were two thousand people.

What are some animals that weigh 1000 pounds?

List of Animals That Weigh Around 1000 Pounds 1. Horse. When it comes to the weight of a horse it highly depends on where it lives. Is it in the wild or kept in a… 2. Cow. Cows can weigh anywhere from 1000-2000 pounds. The weight of a cow is highly connected to money or profit for… 3. Bear.

What’s the difference between a thousand and one thousand?

A thousand or one thousand is the number 1,000. You can say that there are a thousand things or one thousand things. We’ll give you a thousand dollars for the story. There was a ship about one thousand yards off shore. Don’t say that there are ‘thousand’ things. Don’t change the word thousand when you put another number in front of it.

Which is correct two thousand people or two thousands people?

correct There were two thousand people. wrong There were two thousands people. wrong There were two thousands of people. A num­ber is gen­er­ally fol­lowed by “of” when we enu­mer­ate some­thing else than a noun, for ex­am­ple: correct We ordered five hundred of these. wrong We ordered five hundred these.