What is the maximum push rod travel allowed?

What is the maximum push rod travel allowed?

i) if the trailer service brakes wrap the seat belt around the trailer hand valve. 4) At the brake chamber, measure from the fixed point to the mark on the push rod. 5) Type 30 Brake Chamber equipped with manual slack adjusters has a maximum allowable push rod travel of 1 3/4 inches (44 mm).

How do I know what size air brake chamber I need?

Brake chamber size can be determined by measuring the diameter of the clamp used to hold it together or by locating the size markings on the brake chamber. The most common brake chamber size is 30. However, there are vehicles using both smaller and larger sizes.

What is the maximum readjustment limit for a type 30 brake chamber?

The most common type of air brake chamber used on trucks and trailers is the Type 30. These chambers have a maximum available stroke of 2½ inches (65 mm). A long stroke Type 30 is designated Type 30LS, and has a maximum available stroke of three inches.

How much travel should a slack adjuster have?

Automatic slack adjusters are designed to continuously and automatically maintain the brakes in proper adjustment during normal use. However, they must be checked daily to ensure they are maintaining proper push rod travel – less than one in. (25.4 mm) when manually pulled and less than two in.

What are the different types of brake chambers?

Brake chambers are known by many terms including air brake chambers, maxi chambers, brake cans, and spring brakes. The components of a brake chamber are housed in a round canister sealed by a clamp. Brake chambers come in two main types, service chambers and spring brakes.

What is a service brake chamber?

Service Brake Chambers. The service brake chamber is used when only the application of service brake air is required on an axle. There will be no emergency braking provided on this axle. You will find service brake chambers on steer axles, some rear axles, and old trailers that use a relay emergency valve to apply parking air pressure to the service chamber.

What is a spring air brake chamber?

Spring brakes consist of two separate air chambers. The front chamber is essentially a service-brake chamber, and is used to perform the service-brake function. The rear chamber houses a large, powerful compression spring and diaphragm and performs emergency and parking functions.

What is brake chamber diaphragm?

The brake chamber is a diaphragm type actuator which. converts the energy of air pressure into mechanical force. The diaphragm is held between the pressure plate and non-. pressure plate by either a one piece clamp ring or a two. piece clamp ring (Figs. 1 and 2).