What is the function of soot blower?

What is the function of soot blower?

A sootblower is a device for removing the soot that is deposited on the internal furnace tubes of a boiler during combustion to prevent plugging of the gas passes and maintain boiler efficiency.

In which section soot blowing is done in furnace?

Soot blowers are placed in the flue gas path to clean some portion of the tube. When blowing is starting this high pressure steam comes out at high velocity from the nozzle of blower. This high velocity steam clean the soot deposits on the tube.

What is Rotary soot blower?

Rotary Sootblower. The Rotary Sootblower can be used to clean convection surfaces, heat exchangers with slight contamination. The blowing tube/element of this sootblower remains in the boiler at all times and is supported by element bearings that are usually attached to the boiler tubes.

What state is the soot blower in when not in use?

7. In which state would be the soot blower when it’s not in use? Explanation: When not in use the soot blower tube of the system would be dry and uncooled, and subject to gas temperatures.

What do you need to know about a soot blower?

Normally soot blower consists of piping, shut-off and drain valves, soot blowers and control. The latter controls the flow of the blowing program and shall include the interlocks required for protection of boiler and soot blower, e.g. monitoring of the pressure, temperature of the blowing medium and operating times of the soot blowers.

What are the disadvantages of a retractable soot blower?

One method of operation of the retractable soot blower is on automatic control of flue gas temperature. There is a disadvantage to this in that during soot blowing, a temperature reduction occurs because the steam used for soot blowing cools the tubes and therefore the blowing could cause quite a drop in steam production at an inconvenient time.

Is it possible to remove a soot blower from a boiler?

Means of manually retracting a soot blower should be provided, and it should be possible to remove all soot blowers completely from the boiler, for maintenance, while the boiler is on load. Sealing of wall boxes, lances, and nozzles should be provided.

What is the cleaning radius of A sootblower?

Cleaning radius – the distance that a sootblower can clean a surface when the path between the sootblower nozzle outlet and the surface is unobstructed. Tube bank penetration – the maximum effective cleaning distance when directed into a bank of tubes.