What is OTS in project management?

What is OTS in project management?

An Over Target Schedule (OTS) is the condition where a baseline schedule is time-phased beyond the contract completion date that is the re-planned activities, milestones and associated budgets being time-phased beyond contractual delivery dates.

What is a key reason for implementing an over target baseline over target schedule?

The primary purpose for implementing an Over Target Baseline is that it improves managerial control over the remaining project. While it results in a new baseline that is now over the contract budget base, it has been proven that it improves control of the remaining contract work.

Which of the following is true about contractor internal replanning?

The correct answer is d), Contractor internal replanning does not change the final scope, cost or end date of the contract.

What does contractor compliance with the EIA 748 EVMS guidelines require?

What does contractor compliance with the EIA 748 EVMS guidelines require? By requiring contractors to use management systems that meet EVMS guidelines. An EVMS compliant with the guidelines, and properly used, helps to ensure valid cost, schedule, and technical performance information for decision-making.

How is a target schedule used in project management?

A target schedule is a project management tool that is used as a supplement to the approved baseline schedule.

What do you need to know about target dates?

The baseline specifies the planned start and finish dates and the duration of each activity based on information gleaned from initial schedule network analysis. Target dates typically focus on the completion of individual tasks and may deviate from the baseline dates as needed to provide additional flexibility in project management.

Can a target schedule be adjusted for late start?

The targets can be adjusted to take early and late start or finish dates into account based on how interrelated schedule activities are progressing. This is helpful in determining best and worst case scenarios and the impact they have on the overall schedule.

Which is the best definition of behind schedule?

Definition of behind/off schedule. : later than planned We finished behind schedule. : doing or finishing something later than planned If we get too far behind/off schedule we will not be able to catch up later.