What is NSString in Swift?

What is NSString in Swift?

NSString : Creates objects that resides in heap and always passed by reference. String: Its a value type whenever we pass it , its passed by value. like Struct and Enum, String itself a Struct in Swift. String is automatically bridged to Objective-C as NSString.

What is NSString in objective-c?

Like NSNumber, NSString is also immutable type. It’s used to represent text in Objective-C. NSString provides built-in support for Unicode, which means that we can include UTF-8 characters directly in string literals. stringWithFormat: class method is useful for generating strings that are composed of variable values.

What is Nsurl?

An NSURL object is composed of two parts—a potentially nil base URL and a string that is resolved relative to the base URL. An NSURL object is considered absolute if its string part is fully resolved without a base; all other URLs are considered relative.

What is NSData?

A static byte buffer that bridges to Data ; use NSData when you need reference semantics or other Foundation-specific behavior.

What is NSTaggedPointerString?

NSTaggedPointerString is about the dynamic type of the object. Your issue is about the type you have written in your source code. – Catfish_Man Apr 6 ’16 at 17:16. 1. po [NSClassFromString(@”NSTaggedPointerString”) superclass] will prove your answer. –

What is an Nsrange?

A structure used to describe a portion of a series, such as characters in a string or objects in an array.

What is resolvingAgainstBaseURL?

init(url:resolvingAgainstBaseURL:) Initializes a URL components object by parsing the URL from an NSURL object.

What is NSMutableData?

NSMutableData and its superclass NSData provide data objects, or object-oriented wrappers for byte buffers. They are typically used for data storage and are also useful in Distributed Objects applications, where data contained in data objects can be copied or moved between applications.

What is NSNotFound?

NSNotFound is typically used by various methods and functions that search for items in serial data and return indices, such as characters in a string object or id objects in an NSArray object.

What is NSValue?

Overview. An NSValue object can hold any of the scalar types such as int , float , and char , as well as pointers, structures, and object id references. Use this class to work with such data types in collections (such as NSArray and NSSet ), Key-value coding, and other APIs that require Objective-C objects.

What is Urlqueryitem?

A single name-value pair from the query portion of a URL.

When to use NSString path instead of string url?

If using NSString path methods (instead of String URL methods) is acceptable, it’s much easier to extend String with a computed property or a method returning its value as NSString (instead of duplicating the desired methods in String extension): Thanks for contributing an answer to Stack Overflow!

What kind of string does NSString object represent?

An NSString object encodes a Unicode-compliant text string, represented as a sequence of UTF–16 code units.

When does NSString return a native endian string?

When creating an NSString object from an array of unichar values, the returned string is always native-endian, since the array always contains UTF–16 code units in native byte order.

How to convert a string to NSString in JavaScript?

URLByAppendingPathComponent () has been replaced by appendingPathComponent () so instead do: It is working for NSString so you can use it like this: Now you can use this extension which will convert your String to NSString first and then perform operation.