What is Delta conversion online UPS?

What is Delta conversion online UPS?

Delta conversion technology saves energy by carrying the package only the difference (delta) between the starting and ending points. The double conversion on-line UPS converts the power to the battery and back again whereas the delta converter moves components of the power from input to the output.

What is online double conversion UPS?

A double conversion online UPS provides consistent, clean and near perfect power, regardless of the condition of incoming power. Systems with online double conversion topology operate by converting incoming AC power to DC, and back to AC.

What is the difference between online and line interactive UPS?

When not operating from the battery, line- interactive UPS systems typically regulate output within ±8-15% of the nominal voltage (e.g. 120, 208, 230, or 240 volts), whereas online UPS systems typically regulate voltage within ±2-3%.

How does an on-line UPS work?

When incoming utility power drops below or surges above safe voltage levels, the UPS switches to DC battery power and then inverts it to AC power to run connected equipment. A double-conversion (online) UPS provides consistent, clean, and near perfect power regardless of the condition of incoming power.

What is ” delta conversion on-line ups “?

Like the Double Conversion On-Line design, the Delta Conversion On-Line UPS always has the inverter supplying the load voltage. However, the additional Delta Converter also contributes power to the inverter output. Under conditions of AC failure or disturbances, this design behaves identically to the Double Conversion On-Line.

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Which is better delta double ups or online UPS?

The delta conversion online UPS always has the inverter supplying the load during normal conditions – which is the basic concept of an online UPS. However, the delta inverter also contributes power to the main inverter output. As a result, it can deliver power to the loads with much greater efficiency than the double conversion.

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