What is another word for semantics?

What is another word for semantics?

What is another word for semantics?

meaning connotation
exposition interpretation
semiology semiotics
symbolism exegetics
glossology significs

What is the synonym of acquainted?

familiar, conversant, at home, up to date, up. well versed in, knowledgeable about, well informed about, cognizant in, apprised of, abreast of, no stranger to. au fait, au courant. informal well up on, in the know about, plugged in to, genned up on, clued in on, wise to, hip to.

What is the synonym of unfamiliar?

unusual, uncommon, unconventional, novel, different, exotic, alternative, unorthodox, odd, peculiar, curious, atypical, uncharacteristic, unwonted, abnormal, anomalous, aberrant, out of the ordinary.

What is familias?

1 : the male head of a household. 2 : the father of a family. 3 : a man who originates or is a leading figure in something (such as a movement, discipline, or enterprise)

Are there any other synonyms for the word semantics?

other words for semantics. connotation. definition. denotation. explanation. explication. exposition. interpretation. semiology.

Which is the best antonym for the word familiar?

unheeding. Antonyms for familiar. ignorant, unacquainted, unfamiliar, uninformed, unknowledgeable. 3 often observed or encountered. the woman and her pair of Welsh corgis were a familiar sight in the quiet neighborhood.

What is another word for semantics in Ada?

Here’s a list of similar words from our thesaurus that you can use instead. “It is assumed that you already know the syntax of Ada and have a rudimentary understanding of the semantics .”

Which is the best synonym for paterfamilias?

“Poor old paterfamilias,” exclaimed the sympathizing friend with genuine feeling. THE PIT TOWN CORONET, VOLUME II (OF 3) CHARLES JAMES WILLS Si sciret paterfamilias qua hora fur uenturus esset; vigilaret utique non sineret perfodi domum suam. SELECTIONS FROM EARLY MIDDLE ENGLISH, 1130-1250 VARIOUS