What is another word for person to person?

What is another word for person to person?

What is another word for person-to-person?

direct personal
close proximate
face to face man-to-man
tête-à-tête immediate
near nearby

What word means easily passed from person to person?

Contagious, literally “communicable by contact,” describes a very easily transmitted disease as influenza or the common cold. Infectious refers to a disease involving a microorganism that can be transmitted from one person to another only by a specific kind of contact; venereal diseases are usually infectious.

What’s another word for getting on to someone?

What is another word for getting on someone?

bugging annoying
plaguing miffing
getting maddening
persecuting chafing
rankling enraging

What is person to person?

Definition of person-to-person. : involving two people or going directly from one person to another person. person-to-person communication. The reporter talked person-to-person with the hostage.

What are synonyms of a single person?

Single: not married. Synonyms: unattached, unmarried, unwed… Antonyms: attached, espoused, hitched… Find the right word.

Do for something or someone synonyms?

Synonyms for ‘do something in person’: do, perform, conduct, make, pursue, go about, function, take, carry out, act, be employed (in) doing something Dictionary Collocations

What is an antonym for personal?

personal(adj) a short newspaper article about a particular person or group. Antonyms: objective, nonpersonal, impersonal, mental, nonsubjective. personal(adj) concerning or affecting a particular person or his or her private life and personality.