What is Amber Valletta known for?

What is Amber Valletta known for?

Amber Valetta’s major fashion moment was in the Nineties when she was on the cover of British Vogue eight times, as well as featuring in advertising campaigns for DKNY, Chanel and Prada. These days she’s better known as an actress, and for her support of environmental issues.

Is Amber Valletta Maltese?

Amber Valletta Ok, so we’re deviating with ‘Valletta’ but it’s a common enough Maltese name. American model and actress, Amber Evangeline Valletta, born February 9, 1974 in Tuscon, Arizona, has no links to Malta we can trace.

Who plays Lydia Davis?

Amber VallettaRevenge
Lydia Davis/Played by

What is Amber Valletta doing now?

She sought help at 25 because she “didn’t want to die.” Valletta was able to get sober and a year later had her son Auden, with ex-husband Chip McCaw. Valletta — who is now in a relationship with hairstylist Teddy Charles — told CBS News in 2014 that she worried for her son, now 19, as addiction runs in their family.

Who is the actress Amber Evangeline Valletta?

Amber Evangeline Valletta (born February 9, 1974) is an American fashion model and actress.

How old was Amber Valletta when she started modeling?

Jump to navigation Jump to search. Amber Evangeline Valletta (born February 9, 1974) is an American fashion model and actress. She began her career as a fashion model, landing her first of sixteen American Vogue covers at the age of eighteen.

What kind of clothes does Amber Valletta wear?

Valletta continues to work as a fashion model, closing the Versace Autumn/Winter 2017 fashion show. She was also model for Marks and Spencer. In 2018, Valletta appeared in advertisements for Mango, Blumarine, Escada, Chanel Watches, Prada and David Yurman.

What was the last movie Amber Valletta was in?

In 2007, she had supporting roles in the horror film Dead Silence, as Ella Ashen, and as Claire in Premonition, starring Sandra Bullock. Also in 2007, Valletta played the leading role in the independent coming-of-age film, My Sexiest Year.