What is Adana Turkey known for?

What is Adana Turkey known for?

Adana is also famous for its delicious Adana Kebap and other meat dishes. The tea houses and restaurants alongside the Seyhan Dam and Lake provide a cool and perfect view of the city and the river at sunsets. In Yumurtalik there is an ancient harbor castle contributing much to this pretty fishing city.

Which part of Turkey is Adana?

Adana, city, south-central Turkey. It is situated in the plain of Cilicia, on the Seyhan River (the ancient Sarus River).

Is Adana Turkey safe?

There is minimal risk from crime in Adana. Mugging, vandalism, and other petty crimes do occur, as does narcotics-related crime. Crimes of opportunity (e.g. pickpocketing, purse snatching) may occur more frequently; however, random violent crime is rare.

Is meant by Adana period?

Adana lies in the heart of Cilicia, a distinct geo-cultural region, at a time, was one of the most important regions of the classical world by being crossroads for religions and civilizations. …

How to buy an apartment in Adana Turkey?

Set the price of properties in Adana and search by pictures, map and video for apartments, rooms and rental / furnished apartments. Also Search for shops, administrative offices, apartments and villas for sale directly from the owner through a broker.

Where is the Cukurova District in Adana located?

District population of 386.000, is concentrated within the city of Adana, occupying north-west of the city. It is a modern residential district which came into being in the last 30 years as the city expanded north. Çukurova is located north of the Seyhan district, west of the Seyhan River and south of the Seyhan Reservoir .

What kind of crops are produced in Adana Turkey?

Adana is the marketing and distribution center for Çukurova agricultural region, where cotton, wheat, corn, soy bean, barley, grapes and citrus fruits are produced in great quantities. Farmers of Adana produce half of the corn and soy bean in Turkey.

Where is the city of Adana in the Mediterranean?

Adana is located at the northeastern edge of the Mediterranean, where it serves as the gateway to the Cilicia plain. This large stretch of flat, fertile land lies southeast of the Taurus Mountains .