What is a property preservation contractor?

What is a property preservation contractor?

Property preservation contractors or specialists foreclose properties for property management companies and banks. It is the primary task of a property preservation contractor to clean interiors and perform repairs. The bank contract this work, so the property maintains its resale value.

Is property preservation still profitable?

Property preservation is a tough but profitable business. The challenges in this industry are quite normal and some are fairly easy to resolve. A lot of entrepreneurs in the field of property preservation to turn around these challenges and earn a profit instead.

Who are the best property preservation companies to work for?

Largest Property Preservation Companies:

  • 1) Mortgage Contracting Services (MCS)
  • 2) Servicelink.
  • 3) Five Brothers Property Preservation Company.
  • 4) Safeguard Properties.
  • 5) Mortgage Specialists International (MSI)
  • 1) Northsight Management.
  • 4) Wolverine Real Estate Services.
  • 5) National Field Representatives.

What is considered property preservation?

In its simplest sense, property preservation is maintaining vacant properties. This ranges from cleaning them up to performing preventative maintenance to making sure the property is safe and secure. A lot of people view property preservation as foreclosure cleanup, but it’s actually much more than just cleaning.

What is property preservation services?

Property Preservation – This term refers to the industry of professionals who provide services to banks and asset management companies on their foreclosure houses. Typical services provided are repair, inspection, insurance claim management and maintenance. Also known as Mortgage Field Services.

What is foreclosure property preservation?

Property preservation refers to the process of securing, protecting, and preparing properties for sale that have undergone foreclosure, default, or are in bank-owned status. Homeowners may use these same services while preparing for the sale of vacant properties.

What is home preservation?

Home Preservation is a program that aids low-income homeowners who struggle to maintain their homes due to age, disability, and/or family circumstances. Work done by our Home Preservation program might include painting, landscaping, or making changes to accommodate an aging homeowner.