What is a NuBone nut?

What is a NuBone nut?

Nubone is a derivative of Graph Tech’s proprietary TUSQ material and offers very similar tonal characteristics to our highly esteemed TUSQ. Nubone doesn’t damp string vibration like plastic; instead, it transfers the optimum frequencies to the guitar allowing for more volume, more tone, and more harmonics.

What is the difference between TUSQ and TUSQ XL?

The biggest difference is that TUSQ XL is impregnated with PTFE; the lubrication prevents strings from binding in the slots. TUSQ is not. You get better tuning stability especially when using a tremolo or bending strings. TUSQ XL also has more of a midrange boost as compared to TUSQ.

What is TUSQ made of?

TUSQ is made from 100% organic polymers, contains no oil or animal by-products and is consistent from piece to piece, and within each piece.

What is Graph Tech NuBone XB?

NuBone XB (Extended Bass Response) is the latest innovation in our NuBone line. Manufactured under high heat and pressure, NuBone XB is specially formulated to produce more bass harmonics. Now ukuleles and guitars at any price can have the low end response of a high end instrument.

What’s the difference between a tusq and a bone nut?

One quick way to hear the pronounced difference between bone and Tusq is by dropping the blanks on a hard tile floor. Drop a plastic nut and you’ll hear just about nothing. A bone nut will produce something of a ring, while Tusq has a pronounced ring, almost musical on it’s own.

Can you play a guitar with a tusq nut?

I’ve never played a guitar with a tusq nut, but have an acoustic with a bone nut. If it does have more sustain and brilliance than bone even, that’d be PERFECT for what I’d like. I’ve found some bone nuts can have sustain issues from one string to the next.

When did tusq vs bone experiment come out?

Tusq vs Bone – surprising experiment ! Tusq vs Bone – surprising experiment ! I originally had put a Colossi bone saddle and bridge pins in my 2005 Songwriter deluxe since I had it. That was the conventional wisdom then.

Which is better tusq or fossilized nut material?

Tusq is very consistant, but I wouldn’t say MORE brilliant than a high quality bone or fossilized nut…close though. I prefer natural unbleached cow bone for most fretted instrument nuts. Recently I’ve used water buffalo horn – though I find it’s fiber is a tad softer than bone, it does allow the strings to glide better through the cut slots.