What is a hinge in modern dance?

What is a hinge in modern dance?

Hinge – A position of the torso in which the heels are lifted, knees are bent, and body is in a straight line from the knees to top of head. Pelvis remains locked into this alignment.

How do you hinge in dance?

hinge: Legs are in parallel, pelvis is pressed diagonally forward, torso tilted diagonally backward, knees are bent and approximately 3” off the floor, heels are raised to 1/4” relevé. [Horton technique]. Horton technique: A modern dance technique which was developed from a balance study by Lester Horton.

What is opposition in dance?

Opposition: this is a word that is mainly used during our technical trainings. The opposition of the movement of one part of the body to another serves the dancer in several ways. Opposing facilitates grater extensions, maintaining placement, balance or controlling weight.

What are the terms of contemporary dance?

Terms in this set (40)

  • adage. “at ease” or slow work.
  • allegro. “happy” or fast work.
  • arabesque. “Arabic. A pose with one leg stretched straight out to the back and one arm usually stretched out to the front.
  • assemblé “assembled”
  • attitude. attitude. A pose.
  • balancé “rocking”. A waltz step.
  • cambré “bent”.
  • Chassé Chased.

Where does the hinge dance tradition come from?

The hinge’s roots date back to the 1930s when Lester Horton began to establish his approach to modern dance. He created six exercises (Hinge Studies) focused on the step. Today, the Horton tradition is carried by Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater (Ailey was Horton’s student).

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