What is a faunal province?

What is a faunal province?

Faunal provinces are large geographical areas within which the organisms, even perhaps up to the family level, have a distinct identity.

What are examples of fauna?

Soil mesofauna
Fauna/Representative species

What is a faunal community?

verb) Animals, especially the animals of a particular region or period, considered as a group. 2. A catalog of the animals of a specific region or period. [Late Latin Fauna, sister of Faunus.]

What does Paleobiogeography mean?

: a science that deals with the geographical distribution of plants and animals of former geological epochs.

What is the definition of fauna in biology?

BD Editors. May 20, 2018. Fauna is a term which refers to all of the animal life within a specified region, time period, or both. The “flora and fauna” of a certain place is a descriptor of all the life in a region, including both the plant-like organisms and the animal-like organisms.

Which is the best description of a faunal region?

Faunal region, also called Zoogeographic Region, any of six or seven areas of the world defined by animal geographers on the basis of their distinctive animal life. These regions differ only slightly from the floristic regions (q.v.) of botanists.

Which is an example of an indigenous fauna?

Redwoods are examples of indigenous fauna. Photo: USA-Reiseblogger via Pixabay Turning to some examples of flora and fauna, one example could be the giant redwood trees that are found on the northern coast of California.

What do you need to know about flora and fauna?

1 Introduction to Flora and Fauna. The ecosystem is a complex, interconnected network comprising biotic and abiotic elements. 2 Flora and Fauna Meaning. In a nutshell, the term flora relates to all plant life and the term fauna represents all animal life. 3 Importance of Flora and Fauna. 4 Flora and Fauna of India.