What is a DSP-73?

What is a DSP-73?

The purpose of a DSP-73 license is to allow for the temporary (not permanent) export of controlled goods regulated by the Department of State. The items being exported must return to the United States within a period of four years, and. No transfer of title may take place during the period of export.

What is a DSP license?

• A Permanent Export License (DSP-5) is for the permanent export of unclassified articles or. hardware as found in the U.S. Munitions List (USML) under the ITAR. The DSP-5 can include hardware, software, or documents as well as approval for marketing and the hiring of foreign employees.

What is a DSP 74?

DSP-6, DSP-72, and DSP-74 – Application for Amendment to License for Export or Import of Classified or Unclassified Defense Articles and Related Classified Technical Data.

What is a DSP 83?

The DSP-83 form is used by the US department of State to transfer military or classified equipment or information outside of the United States. It is also known as a Nontransfer and Use Certificate. This form must be completed and sent along with the equipment or information being transferred.

What are the requirements for a dsp-73 license?

A DSP-73 license application must clearly identify the need for the temporary export and describe the role of each party to the transaction. This information can be provided in Block 23 or in a separate letter of explanation. Technical data and/or product brochures must be provided on the requested defense articles.

Can you export technical data under dsp-73?

If demonstration/marketing to identified end-users will exceed public domain information and release technical data a separate DSP-5 authorization must be obtained as technical data cannot be exported under a DSP-73. DSP-61 – Temporary Import License Applications: Return to Country of Origin (22 CFR 123.3 (a) (1))

When do you need a dsp-85 export license?

DSP-85 This license type is used for classified defense articles and related classified technical data. It is used for permanent export, and temporary export or temporary import. Manufacturing License Agreement (MLA)

Can a dsp-73 license be used for overseas repair?

Note: If you’re using the DSP-73 temporary export license for overseas repairs, be aware that there is an exemption for repairs under 22 CFR 123.4 (a) (1) which is much easier to utilize – provided the USML goods are of US manufacture. Foreign made goods, however, should definitely be sent for repair under the DSP-73.