What is a 51 in police code?

What is a 51 in police code?

Note: 10 codes can vary greatly from department to department….Code.

Code Meaning
10-51 Dispatch Wrecker
10-52 Dispatch Ambulance
10-53 Road Blocked
10-54 Hit and Run Accident

What does a 10-51 mean?

Accident (F-Fire, PI-Personal Injury, PD-Property Damage) 10-51. Wrecker Needed. 10-52. Ambulance Needed.

What is a 10 50 Pi police code?

Police 10 Codes

Code General Purpose Walnut Creek, CA
10-50 Accident (F-Fire, PI-Personal Injury, PD-Property Damage) Drugged
10-51 Wrecker Needed Drunk
10-52 Ambulance Needed Ambulance Needed
10-53 Road Blocked at ___ Person Down

What is the TSH national coverage determination code?

Thyroid Testing Including TSH National Coverage Determination CPT Codes: Code Description 84436 Thyroxine; total 84439 Thyroxine; free 84443 Thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH) 84479 Thyroid hormone (T3 or T4) uptake or thyroid hormone binding ratio (THBR) Code Description

What should my TSH number be for a blood test?

TSH stands for Thyroid Stimulating Hormone– a standard blood test will produce a number of how well your thyroid is performing. Normal range for an adult is typically considered to be between .4 and 4.0 (1); however, in my practice I would say ideal is between 0.5 and 1.5.

What is the 10 code for the police?

Police and emergency 10 codes, general purpose version. This code is the most common and widely used version of ten (10) codes. Mobile friendly. Police 10 Codes General Purpose Police and other agencies use 10 codesto verbally communicate efficiently. The word ten (10) indicates the next number, or numbers, is code. 10-1

What does a TSH level of 0.5 mIU / l mean?

A TSH level below 0.5 mIU/L can mean that your thyroid gland is overactive. This is hyperthyroidism, which can cause such symptoms as unexplained weight loss, heat intolerance, increased appetite, and bulging eyes.