What is a 3 phase reactor used for?

What is a 3 phase reactor used for?

Three-phase line or motor reactors for power converters (intended for the attenuation of notches and spikes as well as reduction of harmonics and limitation of inrush currents in power converters and motor drives).

What is a 3 phase line reactor?

VFD Protection and Harmonic Mitigation. Advancing Power Quality. Written by: Josh Haase. Quite simply, a 3-phase line reactor is an inductor wired in series between two points in a power system. Reactors are simple electro-magnetic devices, some- times referred to as inductors.

How does a 3 phase line reactor work?

Line reactors are electro-magnetic devices which consist of a steel core wrapped with copper coils. The coils form a magnetic field which current flows through limiting the rate of rise of current, reducing harmonics and protecting additional electrical devices.

How do you measure a reactor?

Measurement of reactor power is usually carried out by means of neutron detectors such as ionization chamber and BF3 counter. Since these detectors measure only the local flux at their position, total neutrons in the reactor cannot be measured, and this must be estimated by calibration through other measurements.

How is a three phase reactor different from a gas sparged reactor?

Muroyama & Fan (1985) distinguished the three-phase fluidized-bed reactor from the gas-sparged slurry reactor. In the gas-sparged slurry reactor, the size of the solid particle is usually less than 100/xm in diameter, the volumetric fraction of

Where is the line reactor on the VFD?

INPUT When installing the Line Reactors on the INPUT side of the Variable Frequency Drive (VFD), please use the following guidelines when wiring the unit: The Line Reactor is a 3-phase device and should be wired in series and positioned on the input side of the VFD. Termination connections are illustrated on the product label.

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Where can I find heat loss information on a line reactor?

Line reactor heat loss information is available on the web at These reactors are designed to be floor-mounted or wall-mounted. Large open-style devices should be panel mounted by incorporating a bracket that would act as a shelf to support the reactor and/or enclosure.