What happened to the Australian Light Horse Brigade?

What happened to the Australian Light Horse Brigade?

It was disbanded in 1919. After the war, the AIF light horse regiments were demobilised and disbanded; however, the brigade briefly existed as a part-time militia formation in Queensland until 1921 when its regiments were reorganised into cavalry brigades.

What was the Australian Light Horse Brigade?

The Australian Light Horse was a skilled formation of mounted infantry of the Australian Imperial Force (AIF). The men fought at Gallipoli (without their horses) and mostly served in Egypt and the Middle East. The unit contributed to the Allied victory against the Ottoman Empire in the Sinai and Palestine Campaign.

Who were the 10th Light Horse Division?

The 10th Australian Light Horse Regiment AIF was the only AIF light horse regiment recruited in Western Australia during the First World War. The regiment was raised in October 1914 when it became apparent that Western Australia could provide more than a single squadron of mounted soldiers.

What was the 3rd Light Horse Brigade in WW1?

The 3rd Light Horse Brigade was a mounted infantry brigade of the Australian Imperial Force (AIF), which served in the Middle Eastern theatre of World War I.

Where are Light Horse Regiments located in Australia?

After the war, the light horse regiments were distributed as follows: 1st Cavalry Brigade (Toowoomba, Queensland): 2nd, 5th, 11th, 14th Light Horse Regiments 2nd Cavalry Brigade (Maitland, New South Wales): 12th, 15th, 16th Light Horse Regiments 3rd Cavalry Brigade (Melbourne): 8th, 13th, 20th Light Horse Regiments

When was the 23rd Light Horse Brigade formed?

The 23rd Light Horse was formed in the 1912 reorganisation of the Australian Light Horse, following the Kitchener Review. As a result of this reorganisation, additional Light Horse Brigades and regiments were to be raised, resulting in a third regiment being raised in the South Australia.

When did the 3rd Light Horse Regiment arrive at Gallipoli?

The regiment left their horses in Egypt, and arrived at the Gallipoli peninsula on 12 May 1915. Here regiment fought in the Landing at Anzac Cove, and the Battle of Sari Bair, but spent most of the campaign in a defensive posture. The regiment left Gallipoli for Egypt in December 1915, by which time they had earned four battle honours.