What happened to Michael Spence?

What happened to Michael Spence?

In the episode dated 17 December 2013, Michael was forced to take a break from the hospital by the new CEO, Guy Self (John Michie) and it was announced when the episode ended that Dhillon had taken an extended break from the show. …

Who played Dr Valentine in Holby?

actor James Anderson
Oliver “Ollie” Valentine is a fictional character from the BBC medical drama Holby City, played by actor James Anderson. He first appeared in the eleventh series episode “Proceed With Caution”, broadcast on 9 June 2009.

What happened to Thandie in Holby?

She was Ric Griffin’s fiance and later got married. It turned out that Thandie never qualified as a doctor and was escorted back to Uganda on the 07/08/2007 (S9 E43) She returned as a locum Cardiothoracic Registrar on the 03/11/2009 (S12 E3) Thandie resigned from the hospital on the 23/02/2010 (S12 E21)

Who is Ange Godard from Holby City Hospital?

Angel “Ange” Godard (born 1972/1973) is a consultant general surgeon who works on Holby City Hospital’s Acute Admissions Unit.

Who is Jac Naylor from Holby City Hospital?

Jacqueline ” Jac ” Naylor MBBS MS FRCS (Eng) FRCSTh (born 31 March 1974) is a consultant cardiothoracic surgeon who worked on Holby City Hospital ‘s Darwin Ward . During her childhood, Jac lived with several foster families who grew tired of her demeanour.

Is there a young adult unit in Holby City?

Around July 2017, Ange and fellow surgeon Tom Campbell-Gore began discussions with Holby City NHS Foundation Trust about opening a Young Adult Unit — a dedicated unit for young people aged between 14 and 24 — on Holby City Hospital ‘s general surgical ward Keller. The plans were approved, and the unit was officially opened on 8 January 2019.

Who are the creators of Holby City TV show?

The series was created by Tony McHale and Mal Young as a spin-off from the established BBC medical drama Casualty. The series follows the professional and personal lives of medical and ancillary staff at Holby City Hospital.