What happened in the Battle of Grunwald?

What happened in the Battle of Grunwald?

In the Battle of Grunwald (Tannenberg) on July 15, 1410, the Teutonic Knights suffered a blow from which they never recovered. German supremacy in the Baltic area was broken and Poland-Lithuania began to be regarded in the West as a great power.

Why was the Battle of Grunwald important?

The battle shifted the balance of power in Central and Eastern Europe and marked the rise of the Polish–Lithuanian union as the dominant political and military force in the region.

When did the Battle of Grunwald take place?

July 15, 1410
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Where was Battle of Grunwald?

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Who was the leader of Poland during the Battle of Grunwald?

The Battle of Grunwald is regarded as one of the most important in the histories of Poland and Lithuania. In the history of Ukraine, the battle is better associated with Vytautas the Great, who stood as the leader of Eastern Orthodox Christianity at that time.

When does the Battle of Grunwald take place?

An annual battle reenactment takes place on 15 July. A pageant was held in 2010 reenacting the event and commemorating the battle’s 600th anniversary. It attracted 200,000 spectators who watched 2,200 participants playing the role of knights in a reenactment of the battle.

Which is the best source for the Battle of Grunwald?

The most important and trustworthy source is Cronica conflictus Wladislai regis Poloniae cum Cruciferis anno Christi 1410, which was written within a year of the battle by an eyewitness.

Who was the Grand Duke of Lithuania during the Battle of Grunwald?

The Lithuanian units were commanded directly by Grand Duke Vytautas, who was second in command, and helped design the grand strategy of the campaign. Vytautas actively participated in the battle, managing both Lithuanian and Polish units.