What episode did Sisko punch Q?

What episode did Sisko punch Q?

In the episode, Vash arrives at Deep Space Nine after traveling with Q in the Gamma Quadrant for some time, trying to avoid Q and sell artifacts including a mysterious alien crystal….Q-Less.

Episode no. Season 1 Episode 7
Directed by Paul Lynch
Story by Hannah Louise Shearer
Teleplay by Robert Hewitt Wolfe

Did Picard and Sisko meet?

Re: In DS9 did Jean Luc Picard meet Benjamin SISKO I was positive they did meet in the first episode and if i remember right they didn’t get along .

What does Eddington call Sisko?

Eddington would also call Sisko “Javert” when they talked. ( DS9: “For the Uniform”)

Will Sisko be in Picard?

In the Picard timeline of 2399 – 2400, Captain Benjamin Sisko has been living with the space god Prophets since 2375. (Sisko’s mom was possessed by a prophet before giving birth.) Now, Avery Brooks has not been confirmed to return as Sisko, but it is very strange that Sisko’s reckoning tablet is in the Picard trailer.

What did O’Brien tell Sisko about Q?

At Ops, O’Brien tells Sisko that Q is on board the station. When Kira asks what Q is, Sisko replies that he is a powerful and extremely unpredictable lifeform. Dax asks what Q wants with them, and Sisko responds that whatever it is, they can be sure they won’t like it.

How did Dax and Sisko meet on the Enterprise?

Dax asks what Q wants with them, and Sisko responds that whatever it is, they can be sure they won’t like it. O’Brien suggests Vash might know, and when Sisko asks if Q and Vash would know each other from the Enterprise, O’Brien responds that they met in Sherwood Forest. O’Brien tells them it was one of the jokes Q played with the Enterprise crew.

What was the name of the Q in Star Trek?

List of appearances 1 Star Trek: The Next Generation : ” Encounter at Farpoint ” ” Hide and Q ” ” Q Who ” ” Deja Q ” ” Qpid ” ” True Q 2 Star Trek: Deep Space Nine : ” Q-Less ” 3 Star Trek: Voyager : ” Death Wish ” ” The Q and the Grey ” ” Q2 ” 4 Star Trek: Lower Decks : “Veritas”

What did Sisko tell Kira about the door hatch?

Kira suggests firing her Bajoran phaser at the door, but Sisko tells her the door hatch is made of duranium composite; it will take her an hour to burn through. O’Brien then tells Kira to hand him an EPI capacitor, which will re-energize the servos and thus open the door hatch.