What episode did Naruto know that the Fourth Hokage is his father?

What episode did Naruto know that the Fourth Hokage is his father?

“The Fourth Hokage” (四代目火影, Yondaime Hokage) is episode 168 of the Naruto: Shippūden anime.

Does everyone know the 4th Hokage is Naruto’s father?

15 Konoha Knows Naruto is the 4th Hokage’s Son (However, it is painfully obvious. Even Naruto didn’t learn about his father’s identity until he was about to release the Nine-Tails and Minato revealed himself. When Naruto became the Seventh Hokage, it’s no secret that he’s Minato’s son.

What season is episode 168 of Naruto?

Naruto Season 7
Naruto Season 7 Episode 168 – Mix it, Stretch it, Boil it Up!

Who is Naruto’s father is the Fourth Hokage?

Fourth Hokage, Minato Uzumaki also known as The Flash Naruto’s Father is The Fourth Hokage! On the conversation of Tsunade and Jiraiya:

Why does the Fourth Hokage know his name?

Naruto is surprised to see the Fourth Hokage and wonders why the Hokage knows his name. The Fourth Hokage replies that he had implanted his psyche into the seal in the event that Naruto sprouted eight of the nine tails, and hoped that it would never happen, although he is glad to have the opportunity to meet his son.

What’s the name of Naruto’s father in the manga?

By his appearance, there was a rumor among the show’s fans that the Fourth Hokage could be Naruto ‘s father. Well, not only was this rumor confirmed in chapter 367 of the manga (explained through dialogue by Tsunade and Jiraiya) and in chapter 370, but also his true name was finally revealed: Minato Namikaze (meaning “port wavewind”).

Is the Fourth Hokage Kakashi’s ” Sensei “?

Yes, The fourth hokage was Kakashi’s “sensei’ The fourth hokage’s student were Kakashi, Rin, and Obito Uchiha (the person who gave kakashi the sharigan). Jiraiya was the teacher of Minato Namikaze a.k.a the Fourth Hokage. 3. No, Sasuke’s father was not a student of Minato Namikaze.