What does travel concierge mean?

What does travel concierge mean?

Personal concierge services are on the rise. A travel concierge is a personal travel assistant who arranges customized travel activities unique to you. This includes knowing the ins and outs of traveling within your destination and providing 24/7 support during your vacation.

What does a business concierge do?

Concierges provide a variety of services, including running errands, grocery and personal shopping, making travel and restaurant reservations, and home management. Services may be provided in-person, by telephone or online.

What is concierge management?

Lifestyle Management / Personal Concierge Lifestyle management is a specialized service where the client outsources his personal tasks like daily errands management, pet sitting, house sitting, reservations, special events management, shopping etc. to a commercial firm or a professional.

What does client concierge mean?

A concierge (French pronunciation: ​[kɔ̃sjɛʁʒ]) is an employee of a multi-tenant building, such as a hotel or apartment building, who receives guests. The concept has been applied more generally to other hospitality settings and to personal concierges who manage the errands of private clients.

Is concierge the same as front desk?

Front desk staff and concierges are both employed by hotels to provide services to their guests. Beyond that initial similarity, the two differ greatly in purpose and function. Members of the front desk staff interact with guests primarily at arrival and departure.

What does concierge service mean in apartments?

An apartment concierge is a person who helps the residents of the building with small tasks. This person is there to make things easier for residents, whether it’s by performing security functions or receiving packages for residents.

How do I start a concierge business?

Start a personal concierge business by following these 10 steps:

  1. STEP 1: Plan your business.
  2. STEP 2: Form a legal entity.
  3. STEP 3: Register for taxes.
  4. STEP 4: Open a business bank account & credit card.
  5. STEP 5: Set up business accounting.
  6. STEP 6: Obtain necessary permits and licenses.
  7. STEP 7: Get business insurance.

What is a small business concierge?

The Small Business Concierge is a service offered by the Los Angeles County Department of Consumer and Business Affairs that assists prospective business owners to successfully open small businesses in the unincorporated areas of the County. Provides counseling services to prospective small business owners.

What is a concierge salary?

How Much Do Concierge Jobs Pay per Hour?

Annual Salary Hourly Wage
Top Earners $39,500 $19
75th Percentile $33,500 $16
Average $30,211 $15
25th Percentile $24,500 $12

Are concierge services worth it?

Many credit cards offer concierge services as a card benefit, and while you can get a lot of value out of using it, it may not be worth it to focus on the perk too much when choosing a new card. “This means considering the benefits and perks included and whether you’ll actually use them.”

Is a concierge a stressful job?

Concierges do for hotel guests, apartment dwellers and independent clients what they don’t have time to do for themselves. “The stress is pleasing the client and doing that in a way that makes you happy as well,” said Katherine Giovanni, founder of Triangle Concierge. Many clients are demanding. …

Is a concierge a good job?

Hotel concierge is a good job for somebody who truly enjoys working with people. ( — For a hotel concierge, engagement ring shopping, clearing a helicopter to land on a small island and doling out recommendations for an area’s best restaurants are all in a day’s work.