What does deceleration fuel cut off do?

What does deceleration fuel cut off do?

The deceleration fuel cutoff (DFCO) technology applied in the Chevrolet Cruze increases the car’s fuel economy by up to 2%, depending upon specific driving conditions and behavior, GM said. With DFCO, while the vehicle is decelerating or slowing down, fuel is automatically shut off to the Cruze’s Ecotec engine.

Should I disable Dfco?

Shutting off DFCO basically lets you tune the baseline decel mixtures without anything modifying it like fuel cut off. And yes, you absolutely want to turn it back on when you’re done tuning. DFCO really has no bad side effects and will definitely help you get better fuel mileage.

How do you raise the rev limiter on a HP tuner?

If your looking to raise the rev limit with hp tuners it is in the engine section, then go to the fuel section and last go to the cutoff,dfco section. The rev limit is set at 6700 and resume is 6620.

What does Dfco stand for?


Acronym Definition
DFCO Duty Flying Control Officer (US Navy)
DFCO Deputy Federal Coordinating Officer (FEMA)
DFCO Dijon Football Côte-d’Or Dijon (French professional soccer team)
DFCO Deceleration Fuel Cutoff

How to enable or disable DFCO in GM-hptuners?

Enable Speed:Speed must be above this to enable DFCO. Disable Speed:If Speed drops below this while DFCO is enabled, then DFCO will disable. Enable Cylair:Cylair must be below this to enable DFCO. Disable Cylair:If Cylair goes above this while DFCO is enabled, then DFCO will disable.

What does the p / n fuel cutoff rpm mean?

The Cutoff RPM is the RPM at which fuel is disabled, spark is cut or the ETC begins limiting and the Resume RPM is the RPM at fuel is re-enabled. P/N Fuel Cutoff RPM:If the current selected gear is Park or Neutral then this RPM limit is used.

What kind of tuner do I need for fuel trim?

Mods to the 5.3 are bored .020″ over, flat top 4.8 pistons, a 6.0 liter cam and 243 heads. If the engine is modded, fuel trim tuning is more work and takes longer. You can do it but the wideband is faster and more accurate.

How does fuel cutoff delay affect startup ECT?

Fuel Cutoff Delay vs. Startup ECT:This table determines how long the VCM uses the Fuel Cutoff RPM vs. Startup ECT table for the RPM limit test. After this delay has expired (varies with engine temp) the VCM uses the other RPM limits.