What do you clean snakeskin boots with?

What do you clean snakeskin boots with?

For snake skin, only use a cream polish. Wax polishes, like oil-based conditioners, can clog the pores and harm the boots. If possible, look for a polish that is labeled for snake skin. You should also choose a polish that is natural, not colored.

Can you get snake skin boots wet?

If your snakeskin leather does get wet, don’t worry! Simply dry the water off with a dry, white cotton or flannel cloth. If you don’t have one of these handy, using tissue to gently blot up the moisture will work.

How do you clean snake leather shoes?

Using a soft dry cotton cloth, wipe with the direction of the scales to remove topical dirt and dust. Use a very soft brush to gently remove dirt and dust underneath scales. Do not lift scales. General cleaning of snakeskin footwear is best done with a cotton cloth slightly dampened with plain water.

What should I use to clean my snakeskin boots?

Plain water is all that’s necessary. Use the soft sable brush to gently remove dirt and dust underneath the scales. Be careful not to lift the scales. Store your boots in a place that is cool and dark. UV light is harmful to snakeskin and will cause it to dry out and the scales to lift.

What to do with new python skin boots?

To keep your new python skin boots looking gorgeous, give them the care they need. Snakeskin is a fragile leather. Keep the boots out of the sun, store them in a temperature controlled environment and don’t store them in plastic, as snakeskin needs to breathe.

How to care for your snake skin boots-Tim’s boots?

Once you’ve chosen the right polish, apply it and buff gently with a very soft cloth. Polishing helps most snakeskin boots, but it’s not necessary for rattlesnake boot care. Rattlesnake skin tends to retain its natural sheen, so you can skip the polish. To keep your boots looking their best, you want to protect them from future damage.

What kind of care should I give my snakeskin leather?

The skin is by nature highly absorbent, and will take in and release moisture around it more quickly than most leather types. Due to this characteristic, standard leather products like alcohol, oil, and acetone can actually ruin your snakeskin leather care efforts.