What conjugation is Malo in Latin?

What conjugation is Malo in Latin?


Indicative Subjunctive
Singular 1 Malo Malim
2 Mavis Malis
3 Mavult Malit

What does Malo mean Latin?

English Translation. bad. More meanings for malo. prefer verb.

What conjugation is Volo?

The verb volo, velle, to want, is irregular in its conjugation and often takes an infinitive to complete its meaning. Related to volo are nolo, nolle, to not want, and malo, malle, to prefer, which also take infinitives that complete their meaning.

Which is the masculine form of the word Malus?

Mali. Mala. Begin typing below. Translation. Bad, evil. Irregular. Adjective Forms. Malus, Mala, Malum. Masculine.

How is the present subjunctive formed in Latin?

Formation of the Latin Present Subjunctive For regular verbs, the Present Subjunctive in Latin is distinguished from the Present Indicative by a change in the fundamental conjugation vowel which precedes the personal ending. First Conjugation: -a- becomes -e-Second Conjugation: -e- becomes -ea-Third Conjugation: -o, -i-, -u- become -a-

How is the subjunctive mood defined in Latin II?

The Subjunctive Mood Mood is defined as the purpose served by the verb or verbal in its c ontext. There are five (5) moods in Latin II: 1. The indicative mood verb is finite (I.e., has a personal ending), and expresses a factual action. 2. The infinitive has no personal endings; it supports or completes

Why are all Latin words in the same declension?

• Also, since the ending of Latin words (the case) determines the function (subject, direct object, etc), if every Latin noun was in the same declension, every word in a sentence would have a similar ending.