What are the recent projects of TCS?

What are the recent projects of TCS?

TCS runs India’s passport project and India Post’s digital and financial inclusion project, among other e-governance projects. The government is stepping up use of such projects, including the one for income tax filings. On August 31, nearly five million people filed their tax returns online, a record for a single day.

Which company did TCS buy recently?

TCS to acquire IT services firm ALTI for € 75 million to help drive long-term growth in France.

What is the salary of TCS CEO?

TCS CEO and MD Rajesh Gopinathan earned 53% more in FY 2021 with his salary amounting to Rs 20.36 crore. This amount can be broken up into Rs 1.27 crore of salary + Rs 2.09 crore of benefits, perquisites and allowances + Rs 17 crore constituting the bulk in commission.

Who is owner of TCS?

Tata Group
Tata Sons
Tata Consultancy Services/Parent organizations

How many employees does TCs have in Chandigarh?

CHANDIGARH: Finding immense potential in government projects, leading IT company Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) is aiming 10 per cent of its total revenue from these projects in the next three years, besides, adding 25,000 employees this year.

What was the first project that TCS worked on?

Executed our very first project involving the full software development lifecycle when we built a financial accounting package for two building societies in the UK on behalf of Burroughs. A two-member team gathered the requirements onsite, while a six-member team wrote the code in Bombay.

When did Tata Consultancy Services ( TCS ) start?

Sorry, nothing can be found to match. We are taking you to another website now. Tata Consultancy Services launched as a division of Tata Sons on April 1, 1968, as a management and technology consultancy that would create demand for downstream computer services.

What did TCS do for Western Trust and savings limited?

Created an end-to-end advanced system to manage customer relationships for the Western Trust and Savings Limited (WTSL). The scale and complexity of this 135 person-years project helped TCS gain experience in executing large projects, deep knowledge of the retail banking sector, and expertise in IBM Mainframe technology.