What are stone quoins?

What are stone quoins?

Quoin stones are traditionally built into the corners of buildings. They provide detail to the building and are often made in a colour to compliment the brickwork or render. In addition, quoin stones can provide weather protection and strength. Usually, the quoins are built into the wall as part of the structure.

What is the purpose of quoins?

The architectural detail we call the quoin or quoins of a structure is often used as decoration, defining space by visually outlining the geometry of a building. Quoins may have possible structural intent, also, to strengthen walls in order to add height.

What does the word quoin mean?

(Entry 1 of 2) 1a : a solid exterior angle (as of a building) b : one of the members (such as a block) forming a quoin and usually differentiated from the adjoining walls by material, texture, color, size, or projection. 2 : the keystone or a voussoir of an arch.

What kind of stone is a quoin used for?

Quoins. Quoins are large rectangular stones used as cornerstones in traditional stone buildings. They provide structural support for buildings, particularly where rubble or fieldstone is used for the rest of the stonework. They also became an important aesthetic element in traditional stonework. As shown in the examples below,…

How many quoins does addstone have in stock?

Addstone hold more than 3,000 artificial stone units in Stock for either Delivery or Collection. We stock Built In Quoins and Quoin Cladding enabling us to supply both new build, self build and renovation contracts.

Can You Make your own cast stone quoins?

Manufactured to the highest quality, they are suitable for new build projects, extensions and renovations alike. We offer a range of models and designs, and if you can’t find what you need to suit your requirements, we can create custom-made quoins to specifically suit your project.

What does Quoin stand for in masonry category?

Quoins ( / kɔɪn / or / kwɔɪn /) are masonry blocks at the corner of a wall. Some are structural, providing strength for a wall made with inferior stone or rubble, while others merely add aesthetic detail to a corner.