Password Checkup Chrome Extension

Password Checkup Chrome Extension

As a part of its Secure web Day initiative, Google has launched a replacement tool that aims to stay your knowledge secure on the far side of Google’s sites and applications. The search giant has free a replacement Chrome extension known as password checkup which will become a part of your browser and support in protecting your account from third-party knowledge breaches. Aboard this extension, Google has also free a new feature known as Cross Account Protection.

The password checkup tool works by detection whether or not your username and word combination square measure unsafe to be used online. Google says it will thus support knowledge confirming that the credentials are among the over four billion credentials that are compromised. In such a case, the extension can trigger automatic associate warning and recommend that you just modification your word.

Password Checking Extension

The tool works equally to the approach Google secures accounts on its platforms. “For example, we tend to already mechanically reset the word on your Google Account if it should are exposed in an exceedingly third-party knowledge breach,” Google aforementioned in an exceeding post.

Password Checkup can be downloaded as an extension from the Chrome Web Store. The service matches your login credentials with its database of breached usernames and passwords and alerts you if it finds that your credentials were ever a part of a data leak. In case your credentials are a match, the extension will trigger an automatic warning and suggest that you change your password.

Password Checkup Extension for Chrome

Bear in mind that once the password checkup extension is up and running on your Chrome browser, Google is going to be reading your usernames and passwords whenever you log into a web site. However, the corporate says that this personal info can ne’er be unconcealed to Google. Stressing on however secure the password checkup tool is, Google says that it’s designed to face up to hacks which all statistics according to by the extension area unit anonymous. Here is the link to get this addon from the chrome web store.

“These metrics embrace the number of lookups that surface associate unsafe papers, whether or not associate alert results in a word modification and therefore the net domain concerned for rising web site compatibility,” Google explains during a journal post.

 Chrome Password CheckupExtension

Google additional notes that password checkup can solely send users alerts just in case it finds a potential breach of their credentials and can’t prompt users to vary previous or weak passwords like “12345678”. Coincidently, “12345678” flat-top the list of very cheap passwords of 2018 consistent with Splash Data. Google’s approach with password checkup may be a genius approach to transfer a HaveIBeenPwned-like service to the browser.

The sole distinction being that HaveIBeenPwned additionally permits individuals to examine if their email IDs have ever been a part of a breach. On condition that the web site has been doing this a protracted time, its info of the previous violations is massive. Only recently, an enormous set of seven hundred and seventy-three million records were leaked in one in every of the first crucial single knowledge breaches ever to travel public.

The leaks enclosed 2.7 billion rows of emails and passwords, and therefore the hack was 1st according to by security skilled Troy Hunt World Health Organization created and ran HaveIBeenPwned.

How password checkup works

To make password checkup a secure platform, Google says it uses multiple rounds of hashing, k-anonymity, personal info retrieval, and a way known as fulgent. After you log into a web site, Google sends a powerfully hashed and encrypted copy of your account details to its servers, making sure the corporate cannot access it since the coding key’s keep on the user’s machine.

Google then uses fulgent and personal info retrieval techniques to go looking at the info of unsafe usernames and passwords. The corporate says that the ultimate check of whether or not username and word were a part of a breach is entirely native and on-machine. Password Checkup Chrome Extension


  • Google says it does not get the user’s account information through the extension.
  • Password Checkup was launched to mark secure Internet Day.
  • Password Checkup informs users to modify their passwords in case of infringement.

Steps to use Password Checkup chrome extension Password Checkup Chrome Extension

Follow the below-given actions to use the Chrome Password Checkup extension in your browser.

  1. On your Computer or PC laptop open the Chrome browser and log in to your account.
  2.  And search for ‘Password Checkup Chrome Extension’ in the search bar and press Enter key.
  3. Now click on the first website link which will redirect you to the Chrome Web store.
  4. Now click on add extension button.
  5. After a few minutes, the extension will be added to your browser.
  6. Now you can access it securely.