Is water refilling station a good business in the Philippines?

Is water refilling station a good business in the Philippines?

A lucrative venture such as a water refilling station is one many would want to pursue. This is because it can earn you a sustaining livelihood if it is positioned and advertisement well. It is admittedly among the best business plans that most Filipinos choose to try.

How much is a crystal clear water refilling station?

Franchise Fee: PHP 550,000. Investment Capital: PHP 500k – 900k.

Where to buy a water refilling station in the Philippines?

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How much does a water refilling machine cost?

Purified water refilling machine P260,000.00 Purified water with mineral or alkaline P282,00.00 Purified water with mineral and alkaline P297,000.00 All produces 6000gallons per day of purified water and unlimited mineral and alkaline per day. Complete parts and accessories installation and machin

Can you start a water refilling station from scratch?

In the case of a water refilling station business, you always have the choice not to do it from scratch because franchising one can save the day. You can start your brand or franchise a station of your choice. You are free to follow what you think is right for you and the budget.

What happens to the water during water refilling?

All bacteria, fungi, parasites, contaminants, and dissolved solids are removed during the process to make the water suitable for drinking. This can reduce the possibility of developing gallstones as it absorbs the toxins from your body and flushes them out through your urinary system.